Outlook – Creating Search Folder to Delete Old Emails

  1. Click the Folder tab in the ribbon
  2. Click New Search Folder
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Create a custom Search Folder
  4. Click Choose
  5. Name the folder
  6. Click Criteria
  7. Click Advanced tab
  8. Click the Field drop down
  9. Hover over Frequently-used fields
  10. Select Received
  11. Change condition to on or before
  12. Set value to the end date of the date range of emails you want to delete
    1. End date should be in the format of <YEAR/MONTH/DATE> (<2021/05/06>)
  13. Click Add to List
  14. Click OK 3 times
  15. Right click newly created folder
  16. Click Delete All to delete all emails in the folder
  17. Right click Deleted Items folder and click Empty Folder to permanently delete the emails

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