SMART Board or SMART Notebook not working correctly on Mac

IF your SMART Board is connected, but you cannot get the board to scroll correctly OR some of the features do not work properly….

Don’t forget that EACH year you need to renew the license in SMART Notebook on your teacher laptop. If you do not renew this license, some of the features of SMART Notebook may not work correctly.

Follow the steps in this Google Doc, if you are unsure how to re-activate this license

SMART Notebook License Yearly Renewal


EACH year you need to re-activate your Smart Notebook License in order to get the premium tools, etc. to use with SMART Notebook.  This includes the scrolling feature on your board.


Open Smart Notebook

**please note that every version of Smart Notebook is different, here are the 2 most popular ways of activation**


Option #1

Click on Notebook (in the File Menu)

Click on Software Activation…


Option #2

Click on Help (in the File Menu)

Click on Activate Software…


Step #1

Click Activate Button


Step #2

Click Repair

Click Next

Follow the prompts and activate it via the internet


Step #3

If activated correctly, you will see that you now have the Premium license, which will

expire on 7/26/2019


If you don’t you may need to type our product key for this year:




If this activation code DOES NOT WORK, the SMART Notebook software version needs to be updated – go to Step #1 and update the software BEFORE activating it.


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