Changing your Office 365 security questions

You will need security questions in order to reset your Microsoft / Office 365 password. These questions will be asked when you go to reset your password if your account password has expired, you are locked out of your account, or you forgot your password.

  1. Log in to your district provided device
  2. Navigate to in a web browser
  3. If asked to provide your password, click re-enter password and enter your Microsoft password
  4. Confirm you are logged in as you in the top right hand corner
  5. You should see “Security Questions are not configured. Set them up now” or “3 Security Questions are configured. Change”
  6. Click Set them up now or Change depending on what option you see.
  7. If you already have security questions set up and would like to change them click “select a new question”
  8. Select a new questions and fill out the answer
  9. Otherwise, if you never had security questions completed, select questions and set an answer
  10. Click save answers

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