AirParrot Installation

Please follow the instructions below to install AirParrot. AirParrot has limited licensing and is only meant to be installed if you need to stream / mirror your device to an Apple TV device commonly found in our elementary schools.

  1. Go to the search box in the bottom left and type in “Software Center”, open Software Center

  2. Look for AirParrot in Software Center
    If you cannot find AirParrot in the list, just type in AirParrot in the search box and hit enter

  3. Click on AirParrot and then click install

  4. Go to your desktop and double click on the AirParrot icon

  5. AirParrot will open in the bottom right of the taskbar, click on the AirParrot icon in the taskbar

  6. On the window that appears, select your Apple TV


NOTE: If you receive a prompt for a password when trying to connect to your Apple TV please follow the KB at the following link…


Success! Congrats on setting up AirParrot!

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