Allowing Website in ContentKeeper

Allowing website in ContentKeeper The first step is confirm FOR CERTAIN that the website is actually being blocked by ContentKeeper. The easiest way to do this is to remote into the device in question where the site is being blocked while using ContentKeeper’s live trace in the backend. There is […]

ContentKeeper Live Trace

ContentKeeper Live Trace Doing a live trace in ContentKeeper is the best way to troubleshoot why a website is being blocked or if certain components within a website are being blocked. In a web browser navigate to Log in using your credentials. If you don’t have credentials you will […]

Connecting to an AirTame Streaming Device

Connecting to AirTame Streaming Device  Prerequisite: AirTame application must be installed before device can be used for streaming. The airtame application can be installed from Software Center found on your device. On your the desktop, double click the AirTame application 2. Once the application opens, a list will pop up.  3. When you hover […]

Phone Directory Not Working

If the directory on your phone isn’t working please follow these steps to correct it. NOTE: These instructions pertain to the 6921 series phones, they are matte black in color. Other phones will have a similar procedure but we do not have instructions for them at this time. If you […]

Embedding Shockwave / SWF / Flash Content in PowerPoint

You can embed a SWF file in a PowerPoint presentation by performing the following steps: 1. In PowerPoint, create a new slide. 2. Make sure the Control Toolbox is displayed (choose View|Toolbars|Control Toolbox from the application menu to turn it on/off) 3. From the Control Toolbox, select the More Controls […]